Cardiff 3-piece We’re No Heroes are back with ‘Voodoo’, a punk and math rock inspired belter, released 31st July 2015 via Spiral Icon. Originally formed in a downtown studio space in Chicago, the band are Tom Collins (vocals & guitar), Luke Llewellyn (drums & vocals) and Michael Owen (bass & Vocals).

Tom Collins tells us a bit more…Why the name We’re No Heroes?

The name We’re No Heroes came from a dream that our drummer Luke had while living out in Chicago, he woke up in the middle of the night in a daze and wrote ‘We’re No Heroes’ down on a piece of paper along with some buildings.

You’re from Cardiff – tell us what the scene is like at the moment?

The scene in Cardiff is great, for us its one of the best scenes in the UK, it has an array of wonderful small venues & their is a good community vibe running through the city, everyone involved in the scene seems to know everyone and you’d be spoilt for choice in terms of gigs to watch each week.

What influenced the single ‘Voodoo’?

The song is about creating something beautiful out of bad situation, its about being hopeful and knowing things will work out because everything keeps on moving even when your standing still. Its not as dark as it sounds, its very upbeat really.

Speaking of heroes, if each one of the band were a superhero, who would you be and why?

Spiderman, I don’t know why, their all pretty daft aren’t they. Could ‘Insomnia Man’ be a thing? I’d get so much more done!wnh3What are your favourite bands right now?

At the moment I can’t stop listening to the band Young Fathers, alot of people seem to feel they are difficult to listen to but I just think they have this aesthetic & output which is so impressive, there new album is like gritty lo-fi gospel/soul. I’m also really excited for Tame Impala’s new album.

What have been your biggest struggles as a band so far?

I don’t think we really struggle with many things, we just take things in our stride most of the time. We’re pretty useless when it comes to timing things, we’ll book a recording session or a mastering date and won’t finish the songs until the day before, our manager hates us for it.

Tell us a secret about one of the other members of the band, go one, we won’t tell!

When Dewey went travelling he ate some wild mushrooms, he now claims that he can hear colours.

When was the first time you realised you wanted to make music?

I think watching Hendrix and just realising that their are complete worlds of music and such an incredible history of guitar players who all do different things with the same instrument, realising you can do so many things & write so many songs with just a few notes, music is continuously fascinating.

If you could hypnotise one member of the band, what would you get them to do and why

I’d hypnotise them both to write a song a day, I think we’d be even more productive if that could happen.


By Frank Bell ©