Honoré_de_Balzac1Celebrities – weird, aren’t they? You probably have to be weird to be a celebrity in the first place. Famous French writer Honore de Balzac (1799 – 1850) drank fifty cups of coffee every day.

Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), the inventor of AC electricity, worked every day from 3.00am to 11.00pm. It didn’t do him any harm, apart from going mad at 25. Then he got better and carried on like that for 38 years.

Modern celebs, however, take the biscuit when it comes to weirdness, perhaps because there’s just more weird stuff for them to do these days. Tom Cruise, no stranger to bizarre practices, puts bird poo on his face. tom-cruise-oblivion1Bird poo! Not squirted directly from the bird – that would be insane – but as part of a moisturising cream.

Lady Gaga has founded an entire career on her weirdness. She’s most comfortable sleeping in the Spinal Tap-esque plastic pod she appeared from at the Grammys. Lady-GagaLady G – if you’re reading this, and we expect you are, you need to know that Bedstar offer next day delivery; visit the page to solve your pod-sleeping issues.

Eminem sounds like he could do with a new mattress as well. He can’t get to sleep if there’s even a chink of light coming into the room.eminemCeleb diets are always a source of brow-furrowing bemusement. While model Adriana Lima starves herself for more than a week before a big show, even cutting out water for 12 hours in the run-up, Madonna’s endorsement of the “air diet” is weirder still. madonna1Here’s how it works; cook some food – maybe a big juicy pork chop or a huge pie of some sort – then put it on the plate and sit in front of it with a knife and fork, salivating. Then don’t eat it. It’s really just the last part that’s tricky.

Sandra Bullock puts haemorrhoid cream on her face. She’s got piles of money, so I guess she can do what she likes. Gwyneth Paltrow prefers moisturiser with snake venom in it. gravity-sandra-bullock1This makes Jennifer Love Hewitt’s use of toothpaste on her face seem quite normal (unless she’s just very bad at aiming the toothbrush.)

Finally, let’s pay a visit to the other end of the human body. Feet are a rich vein of weirdness in Celeb World.

Lady Gaga (again) has been known to spend the whole day rubbing her feet together. jenniferaniston1Jennifer Aniston has a foot ritual that she observes whenever boarding a plane; the right foot must board first right foot must board first. Weird!