Website Templates VS Bespoke Designs: Which Is Best For Your Business?

One of the best ways to help you decide on your website is to understand the premise of each one and its advantages. In doing so, you can select the option that is more appropriate for you and your business.
19 October 2021
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By Vanessa B

Having an online presence is essential for businesses. In today’s digital era, having a solid online presence is crucial for business, as it allows customers to gain access to a company’s services or products online.

Only a fraction of consumers will decide between buying something without having researched the brand online beforehand. If consumers are unable to find your online, then you will be missing out on potential sales. When looking for a new website, there are two options available – using a website template or a bespoke design made specifically for your website. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. It can be overwhelming for businesses of any size to choose the right one for them.

Choosing the right website design and layout is crucial. Your brand’s website is the first thing that a potential customer sees and interacts with. It forms the initial opinion a potential customer has about a company and the service or products provided. In life and business, first impressions count.

One of the best ways to help you decide on your website is to understand the premise of each one and its advantages. In doing so, you can select the option that is more appropriate for you and your business.

Understanding Bespoke Designs

The term bespoke can sometimes ignite the feeling of quality. With bespoke web designs, that is what you can expect. Brands work with a web design agency to create a site targeted towards their intended target audience and business goals.

The chosen web design agency will perform a rigorous process, which gathers information on the company’s objectives, long term vision, key messages, target audience and competitors. Using this information combined with the desired layout and colour scheme provided, the design agency will craft a potential site for the business.

Advantages Of Bespoke Designs

The thought of investing in a bespoke design for their website is an off-putting thought for some businesses. Although it is an investment, bespoke designs are worthwhile. It is due to the extensive unique benefits provided to a brand. 

Working with a web design agency, your business will have access to the extensive knowledge of the agency’s experts. They can share with you their experience and help you to create the best website for your business.

Paul Morris from web design agency Superb Digital outlines more advantages that come from choosing to have bespoke designs for your websites. Here are a few more of them.

  • Keeps The User In Mind – Bespoke designs are created with your targeted audience in mind. It includes more than just the overall presentation of the website. It also covers the user experience. A bespoke design creates a user experience that works specifically for your targeted audience. If customers have a positive experience using the site, it can make them more inclined to return in the future.
  • Take Advantage Of SEO – Pre-made templates often use outdated coding or suffer from “code bloat”. It means that they will struggle to stay up to date with search engine algorithm advances. A perfect example of this is the Core Web Vitals update which happened earlier this year.
  • Allows For Branding And Customisation – Bespoke websites are designed and developed solely for your business. Every aspect of the design has been done so with your business in mind. With the right web design agency, you’ll have the opportunity to provide a full and bespoke brief. During this time, they will learn more about your business, the challenges you face and the goals and objectives for both the brand and the website. Using this information, your chosen web design agency will create a design that tailors to all of your needs and requirements. The website will not look like a slightly adjusted replica of other sites. The result will be a completely transformed website that matches the brief, as well as help to deliver the results you expect.

Understanding Website Templates

Template websites are prebuilt sites that can be customisable to your business. You can add your text, images, logos and colours. Website templates allow you to see what you are paying to receive. After making personalisation adjustments, you will have a solid idea of how the final result will look.

Most website templates are often used by beginners in web design. They are often just starting with their business and need moderately complex designs to use to set up a site quickly and easily.

Advantages Of Website Templates

Using a template allows you to select from hundreds of pre-made site frames, all of which can be adjusted to fulfil your company’s needs. All of the options will have a unique set of benefits and setbacks. However, the decision should be determined by your individual needs and what will work best for your business. These are some of the advantages of using a website template.

  • Setting It Up Is Easy – When developers create a template, they are doing so with the awareness that it will be used to perform various functions. It will also be likely to be used by people with all levels of development experience. The result is a template that features a considerable amount of built-in functionality, widgets and options to make your job of setting up the site far simpler. In addition, it will provide you with flexibility when creating your design for your site. Website templates are ideal for beginners, as they provide a framework to organise all of their site’s content effortlessly. Those who possess a little more development experience can use the website templates as a launchpad to undergo slightly more complex adjustments.
  • Lower Prices To Pay – Alongside being relatively simple to set up, website templates are also cost-effective in various ways. The average price of a website template is usually fairly low. The cost of setting it up and developing it is reduced by maximising the potential of the template’s built-in features. The time saved in using website templates as opposed to bespoke web designs will save your business a lot of money on development.
  • Receive Reliable Updates – When you purchase a website template, you will often also receive theme updates and support for the future. The continued support provided will help you to keep your website running and minimise the disruption of bugs going forward. There will be occasions where updates to CMS platforms can cause theme problems. Knowing that you have access to support from the theme developer if issues were to arise is one of the great benefits of using a website template.

Making The Choice

Both bespoke website and template website designs come with their advantages and disadvantages. Each one possesses qualities that are desirable to businesses of varying sizes, from different industries. One of the main overriding factors is whether you are looking at the cost or investment. Website templates might have an affordable initial price, but bespoke designs provide long term benefits.

Before moving forward, consider your options. Speak with web design agencies to see and look at their portfolio to see what they can achieve. Your website is the first thing that customers will see. You must get it right. It could be the difference in your company making a sale.