wearetdy collaborated and created a compelling EP called ’10:01′

"We firmly believe in angel numbers, synchronicity, divine timing, and signs from the other side"
19 March 2023

After two decades of distance, the talented duo wearetdy have come together to create their rather convincing double EP 10:01.

Dylan Flach and Theresa DePriest are once again united in creating something truly lush. The creative synergism of the duo makes 10:01 extremely enjoyable. The EP reflects Dylan Flach’s DJ and production skills, and Theresa DePriest’s songwriting and lyrical prowess which gives it a truly authentic feel.

The duo has a new EP, titled 10:10 coming out in April. Before that ’10:01′. – it’s the fascinating story of the use of clock times as release titles is described by wearetdy, as they are all different times of day which hold personal significance to both of us as well –  as we firmly believe in angel numbers, synchronicity, divine timing, and signs from the other side via these numbers.

After being apart for a while, they finally got back together in 2022 and headed to their studio in DTLA to create these two amazing tracks: Trippin, explores from all angles the right and wrong sides of life in a poetic way.– This song gives a look at the pleasure and leisure of drinking, while highlighting the dark side of substance abuse. It emphasizes on the advantages of sobriety in a positive way too.

It took wearetdy just 24 hours to write and record Trippin, and afterwards, they started working on the second track Set Free for their EP; against the gorgeous backdrop of Californian rain storms – this tune shows how significant it is “setting ourselves free in life via our love for each other, and ‘sharing the light we have with others across the world.”

They duo name dropped Lorde, Bjork, Gorillaz, Boards of Canada, and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony as their main influences.

Wearetdy are really making a mark in the world of contemporary electronic/ indie music. They’re definitely ones to watch this year.