GS_Photo1-2.jpg-B@-blur-500x375L.A. five-piece band Gemini Syndrome have recently signed to Warner Bros and are well on their way to global stardom. This collective are indeed paving the way for fellow bands that skirt between the hard rock and metal music genres.

Gemini Syndrome popped up on Fame’s radar with the recent free download of their ‘Pleasure and Pain’ single. This track like the rest of their work blends some key rock genres together into one seamless musical treat.

Hi guys, first up I guess we may as well start at the beginning. Can we ask how the band formed and where the name came from?

Brian – Osmosis, Law of Attraction, whatever you want to call it. It all just came together like a perfect storm. We’ve all lived together since the bands inception.

As far as the band name goes.. Gemini represents duality. “Syn” means to bring together, or simultaneous. Gemini, Syndrome…

Acknowledging the separation within us all, and the inherent desire to connect or complete ourselves. Syndrome, Syndicate, Synners… All variants of the coexistence of conditions, ideas & people.

We have tried to describe your particular brand of rock music, but I feel you can do a far better job of it to our readers. How would you sell your music to them?

Rich- New alternative. Our music is a hybrid of alternative rock styles mixed with heavier, metal elements. We aren’t quite metal but we aren’t the traditional alternative rock band.

Your single ‘Pleasure and Pain’ was released a free download. What made you decide to offer it to fans that way?

Brian – We want people to have Pleasure & Pain in their cars, on their iPods, Computers, burning it and giving it to their friends. Its all about spreading the Syn right now.geminiWhat is next for you release wise. Have you an album in the works?

Rich – We recently released a 3 song sampler containing the songs: Pleasure & Pain, Left of Me, and Resurrection.

This sampler has been available only at our shows and we’ve been incrementally releasing these songs to iTunes as well.In the near future we will release our first official single, “Basement”.

Brian – The album is finished and spans a wide sonic and emotional spectrum. The album will be released in summer of 2013.

What about live shows and tours. How active are you on the live circuit?

Rich – We are very active on the live circuit. We recently finished a 4 week tour with Mushroomhead and are preparing for a 4+ week run with Device, David Draiman of Disturbed’s new project.

Within the Device tour we will also play a handful of US festivals like Welcome to Rockville and Rock on the Range. We’re currently ironing out our Summer/Fall touring schedule.

Will we see you in the UK any time soon?

Rich – We don’t have any specific plans to tour the UK right now but we would like to ASAP. We have groups of loyal Synners there and can’t wait to play for them.

May we ask you what bands or artists influence ‘Gemini Syndrome’ musically?

Brian – There have been so many amazing bands that have pushed the envelope in modern rock. We’re inspired by all of it.

How do you as a band go about creating a new piece of work. Has the band a driving force creatively, or are you all responsible for some aspect of the finished product?

Rich- We share various ideas and inspirations with each other which is the spark. We then see what catches flame and follow the creative fire until it reaches it’s full potential.

Brian– Our songwriting is an organic process. It just grows, musically and lyrically. There is no method. It just is. That is what we think people connect with.

Have you any career highlights (to date) you’d like to tell us about?

Brian – Recording our album with Kevin Churko was a great experience. He brought the best out of us, and our music. Getting out of LA and burying ourselves into the recording process, brought the best out of us all.

The world of social media is a big factor in any bands infrastructure these days. How active are Gemini Syndrome in that scene?

Rich- We are very active in maintaining our social media but we are sure to not over saturate with content and interaction. We try to adhere to the idea of quality over quantity.