WE THREE Reveals Video For Brand New Single MACHINE

Oregon trio We Three – Joshua Humlie, Bethany Blanchard, Manny Humlie – present their convincing new tune and aptly intriguing video for MACHINE

For people who have never come across you before, describe your sound in 5 words. 

High energy pop power trio.  

The video for ‘Machine’ is one of the more creative videos I’ve seen this last year, what sparked the idea? 

We wanted to represent the concept of feeling like you are stuck in a box, whether it’s from society, upbringing or your surroundings. We wanted to, in a fun entertaining way, convey the message of breaking out of the box. We also love the tv show The Office so not only was it a metaphor but it was tribute to that as well.  

What’s the message with ‘Machine’?

The main message with Machine is simple: you don’t have to fit in a box and that it is much cooler to make your own box.  

How does it feel to finally have released your new EP? 

It feels amazing, this EP was a culmination of 5 tracks that came together extremely cohesively in such a cool way. It touched upon the heavy subject of mental health which was therapeutic for us. We were really pushing our boundaries of production and delved more into our music abilities. 

I’m sure people will be dying to know if you’re playing the UK any time soon. Is this the case? 

Yes! We will be doing four UK dates on our upcoming European tour, three are in London and one is in Bradford up north. We are stoked to meet our UK fans; tickets for the shows are available at wethreemusic.com  

What are the plans for the rest of the year? 

We are heading to Europe, then a US tour is in the works. We are so excited to be releasing our next full length album as well. We cannot wait for people to hear this project. We will be announcing more soon.