WATCH THE DUCKAlabama’s WatchTheDuck (Eddie Smith III, Jesse Rankins and Jonathan Wells and…THE DUCK) are musical innovators, groundbreakers and scene-changers.

They fuse, in a new and exciting way, soul, dance, trap, rap, hip hop and dubstep. The results are revolutionary.

‘Poppin’ Off’, is their amazing debut single, released on June 23rd via Relentless Records. The track is taken from ‘Anatidaephobia’ EP released 8th July on Relentless Records.

From ‘Anatidaephobia’ EP check out these two massive videos:

WatchTheDuck Q&A:

First up, can you describe, in few words, what is Watch The Duck?

Creative evolution. Freedom.

What can we find in your ‘Anatidaephobia’ EP?

June 23rd it will be out on iTunes

Anatidaephobia is the fear that you are being watched by a Duck…so what kind of relationship do you have with The Duck

It’s on and off. Sometimes he’s a best mate and then sometimes he’s a bit of a prick. But he always brings great energy at shows and in sessions.

How smoothly the Duck is traveling so far?

The Tour has been really great. The shows have been amazing. Seeing people in different countries with different languages who are aware of us is shocking and watching those that are not see if for the first time and embrace it are the best experiences we’ve had thus far!!

We’ve had a a few travel hiccups…but that’s just a part of the “kicking hard underwater to stay smoothly afloat on top of it”watchtheduck4You are are musical innovators, groundbreakers and scene-changers , where do you get inspiration, from the streets? people? politics? social issues? personal experience?

First of all thank you for those adjectives! That really means a lot to us. We really do get our inspiration from all of those things especially people, culture, and personal experiences. Creatively, we feel like this is the best it’s ever been during our lifetime.

Limits and rules are being erased. It’s harder to label people these days. People are getting inspiration from parts of the world that they’ve never even visited because we all now have easy access to it. It’s like we all have way more crayons in our box to color with and no combination is wrong as long as it feels right.

How important are fashion and trends for you?

Fashion and trends are like clocks. They tell you exactly what time it is right now where ever you are. It’s really important because to us it’s like instant gratification creativity.

You actually get to be a little more free with a certain fashion and trend because it’s not meant to last which means you don’t have to stay married to it…you can just move through them quickly. We use fashion to become different characters or to create a certain mood for that moment.

How much of Atlanta do you bring on stage?

A lot! In Atlanta we call it “Turn Up” which basically means hurry up and get to your highest level of excitement and energy right now!!

We really try to create that energy and share it with the crowd everywhere we go. Atlanta is all about being in your own zone and enjoying it. We really try and help the crowd get in their own zone!watch the duck1Any Books and/or Movies you would like to recommend to our readers?

The movies ‘Purple Rain’ with Prince, ‘Clockwork Orange’ by Stanley Kubrick, and Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona’.

And books ‘The Art of Seduction’ by Robert Greene, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and the Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason (could go on and on with all of this but I figured 3 of each would suffice lol)

Whats next for WatchTheDuck?

More music, more shows, more videos, more remixes, more ‘Turn UP’. Just want to keep creating and pushing ourselves to be more!

Do you have any message for your fans in UK, Ireland and Beyond?

Thank you all for welcoming us here and inspiring us. I promise you’ll hear your influence on us in our music. Stay tuned and WatchTheDuck

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©

UK Dates:
Sat-Jun-08-13 Loch Ness, UK Rockness Festival
Sun-Jun-09-13 Manchester, UK Parklife Festival
Mon-Jun-10-13 London, UK Birthdays