Watch KETY FUSCO Experiment With Harp Soundscapes In Her New Video

By Vasco Dega

Italian-Swiss harpist Kety Fusco pushes the boundaries of the instrument in her new live video for Ma Gnossienne. Strange looped warped atmospheres surround harp twinkles, creating pensive and intriguing soundscapes, like something out of a Lord Of The Rings movie.

The combination of ancient harp and electronic technology creates an odd sense of the old meeting the new, and the sounds give the feeling of time enveloping in on itself. At some points we travel in time between space-age sweeps and medieval-like scenes, acoustic and distortion worked together into an affecting and mood-filled experience.

The track is a modern reinvention of the famous song ‘Gnossienne N.1’ by Erik Satie but you wouldn’t perhaps know it on first listen. It’s an exciting sound and it’s great to watch Kety Fusco twisting knobs and experimenting with her harp in the dark video which is shrouded in mystical light.