Watch and listen: Pop princess YADi’s video for the amazing lead track ‘Guillotine’, taken from her forthcoming debut EP.

‘Guillotine’ is is about how love, personified in a queen or mother earth figure, conquers all evil.

The Guillotine is a brutal image with a positive message, that of destroying anything that is bad.

It is set within the metaphor of royalty and class and performed over a delicious mix of rolling piano stabs, military-style drumming and YADi’s swollen vocals.At just 24, she is a beautiful bundle of contradictions, the product of a genetic cocktail that mixes Algerian on her father’s side with Norwegian and Italian on her mother’s.

For YADi – born in South London – her music is an aural kaleidoscope of influences, one that mixes the music of her heritage with the pop of the future, creating a forward-thinking sound that sets her apart from the crowd.

“Although British, my heritage is a real mix,” YADi says.