Check out Skinny Lister’s single Rollin’ Over, released on Monday 18th June.

Coming out a week after Skinny Lister’s debut album Forge & Flagon (Monday 11th June), Rollin’ Over and Colours are a further taster of what’s to come following debut AA single Plough & Orion/If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down.

Skinny Lister are Daniel Heptinstall, Lorna Thomas, Maxwell Thomas, Sam Brace and Dan Gray who came together in the summer of 2009.

United by their love of folk, jigs and the outdoors the band have been riotously swinging the festival scene since day one, notching up an impressive 30 festivals last year.

Rollin’ Over is the quintessential British folk song, stomping, rich and melodious. It’s a roaring, tankard-thrusting trip through the hills and valleys of the countryside in summer, marked by its accordion-led verses and the all-in-it singalong chorus.

“War is over, I’m no longer a soldier as I roll, roll back to your side!” the band call out in a song that’s guaranteed to cause a stir wherever it’s played.

Forget the wannabe folksters that have dominated the charts with their imitations for all too long.

This is a celebration of the traditions passed down, perhaps the most genuine and authentic folk band performing today.