"Our new EP ‘Lost In Your Silence’: It's an idea of an uptempo broken beat and a Cinematic Orchestra sorta vibe"
29 June 2021

By JJ Disco

Jonny Mac from Warriors of the Dystotheque shares their new smoothly lush, jazzy pop gem Lost In Your Silence ft Lydia Kaye and answers to our QuickFire Questions.

What was the first album you bought?

It was Stiff Little Fingers – All The Best, SLF were one of the biggest Punk bands about and the biggest from Ireland, this album was released during the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland and touched on lots of great subjects just like Punk did but I could relate to what they were singing about. As you read the rest of the guys’ answers you’ll get an idea of not only the music of the times but roughly when we were born.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

Hard question simply because there’s so many acts out there I hold in high regard but Im gonna say New Order,
they have been ahead of the game for many years and they’ve pride of place as a Substance tattoo on my calf, also Beastie Boys who led the way for a lot of the Hip Hop we hear as last 30 years, let’s look to Pauls Boutique and what they done with sampling, Portishead who changed the game along with acts like Massive Attack and finally (reluctantly) Andrew Weatherall, the man was a genius, he done everything his way and if you didnt like it you could fuck off, he just had that way of taking any band and making them sound cool, and his DJ sets be it techno , dub or his ALFOS sound were not only journeys in sound but an education, oh and again Ive a tribute tattoo to the Guv on my calf.

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

I’m gonna say traveling, my visits to Rome and Thailand have both made their way into WotD tracks, also my many years of being in Ibiza, not only when I was there to DJ but the culture, the lifestyle, the freeness, the food, the sunsets, and the all-round vibe were the main factor on An Island Affair form this current Ep.  Also breakdancing and street culture.

Tell us about your new EP ‘Lost In Your Silence’?

It’s an idea of an uptempo broken beat and a Cinematic Orchestra sorta vibe, so I told Mike and my main direction for him was a lot of Ride cymbal nothing else and the twins took it from there, for the first time we swapped things about, unlike all the other Ep’s and the album where I started the tracks along with Sean and we then sent them to Mike and Nick to add their parts we let Mike and Nick take the lead so they sent us their stems for Lost in your Silence and Sean and myself added our bits, I had Lydia in mind to sing for a while so I hit her up and sent it over. We hooked up with the legendary producer Howie B who produced the track on a remote island off the French coast.

What have you got lined up the rest of the year (2021)?

We have this current Ep that will be around for the summer months and we have a follow-up release planned for late September or October with another for February along with the second album, that’s if everything goes to plan, luckily we’ve been recording since 2015 online with all the band members spread out across the globe, so you could say we’ve been in training for this pandemic as far as a band in lockdown goes.