Wake Up To Life In Colour With New ANNA KRANTZ Single BLESSED ARE THE FREE

By Frank Bell

Blessed Are The Free is the second song in Krantz New moon new tune series of releases. Co-written with Jessica Sharman (co-writer of Ward Thomas’s #1 song, Cartwheels) Blessed Are The free is an uplifting and relatable offering and follows We Could Be High which recently featured on RTE Radio 1’s recommends playlist.

At a time when the world was in a state of uncertainty and relative stillness, Krantz began to reflect on the concept of freedom: “I wasn’t allowed to fly to London and see my family or show my masked smile to a stranger. I wasn’t allowed to go out for a meal with my boyfriend or grab a coffee with a girlfriend. I wasn’t even allowed to be in the same room with Jessica to write the song. Like everyone else, so much of my freedom had been removed. Yet I felt free in my spirit and happy in my heart. This me made wonder what freedom actually means and how it can be accessed from within as opposed to without.”

After sharing past stories and new insights, Sharman and Krantz created this catchy, uptempo number. Her yearning voice soars high above the track’s bouncy shuffle, creating a whirlwind of emotions set to rouse the heart and fortify the soul.