The amazing film by Doug Pray, In Philips Wake Up The Town, shows what happens when a town that lives 4 months without sunlight is given the Philips Wake-up Light.

It’s very interesting to see the folks of Longyearbyen, Svalbard, as they test the effect of waking up to light through the extreme darkness of Polar Night. Will the Philips Wake-up Light work?
Few of us relish getting out of bed during the dark winter months, but most parts of the world have at least a few hours of sunlight to look forward to even on the shortest of days.

But imagine living in the Arctic Circle, where almost four months of darkness makes waking in the morning all that much tougher.

Philips helped the residents of Longyearbyen, Norway, wake up more alert and ready to take on the day by providing the Arctic town with a Philips Wake-up Light, proving that what works for those living in perpetual darkness, can work anywhere.
Philips Wake up the Town campaign launched in late October when the sun sets on Longyearbyen for the final time until spring. At that time, residents will receive a Wake-up.

Light, which gradually emits light to simulate the rising sun in the bedroom and prepare the body for a gentle wake up.

“Light is essential to our well-being as humans, and with the absence of natural sunlight on winter mornings, it can be challenging to wake up to a normal schedule and feel alert, in a good mood and ready for the tasks of the day ahead,” said Daniel Adams, light therapy expert and Senior Application Scientist at Philips.

“Residents of Longyearbyen are acutely ware of the challenges darkness poses to waking up in the morning, which makes them perfect candidates to trial Wake-up Light. What will be fascinating about the Wake up the Town campaign is to witness the evolution of residents’ morning routines throughout the winter as a result of using Wake-up Light. We believe that it will have an overwhelmingly positive impact and are looking forward to seeing the results of the town trial in the New Year.”
Follow the experiment: