Waiting for Smith’s ‘Let Light In’ proves his unique style and creativity

"Find the things in your life that bring you joy and keep doing them, the things that bring you down remove them"
30 July 2023

After crushing it with his last banger, Control Your Mind, Waiting for Smith is back with another strong tune that we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. It’s called Let Light In.

Harry Lloyd, a talented London-based singer-songwriter, leads the project with his incredible talent. The single was recorded in a studio in South Africa, which totally adds to the love-filled vibes of the track.

Adding to the awesomeness of the song is an amazing choir performance from Iowa, a cozy little town in South Africa. They bring such an incredible beauty to the track, perfectly complementing Lloyd’s unique sound.

Waiting for Smith reveals the inspiration behind his enthralling and emotional indie-folk track.“The message is clear and simple ‘That weather it gets better if you let her, if you Let Light In’. Meaning find the things in your life that bring you joy and keep doing them, the things that bring you down remove them.”

Let Light In was put together by none other than Danton Supple. You might know him from his impressive resume – he’s scored 3 Grammy wins and nabbed 5 nominations! Supple. is mostly known for his remarkable collaboration with Coldplay.

Waiting for Smith demonstrates his incredible musical talent and songwriting skills with Let Light In. It’s a true testament to his unique style and creativity.

This single is a blend of meaningful lyrics and soothing music that takes you on a feel-good and introspective journey. It’s all about embracing love and finding enlightenment along the way. Your spirits will be uplifted as you embark on this musical journey!

Let Light In is the perfect way to feel comforted and motivated after all the challenges we’ve faced in the past few years.

“I believe contentment, joy, gratitude & appreciation are all muscles,” says Lloyd. “When you strengthen and practise any of these emotions, you only grow and invite more of them into your life. We can all find ways to invite more of the joyous frequencies into our life, becoming more content & grateful and thereby attracting more of it”

Waiting for Smith is on a serious mission to flood the world with incredible tunes that spread positivity and touch people’s hearts. He aims for his melodies to be memorable and leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.

Photo by Jack Johns