Waiting for Smith drops ‘Small Things’: A harmonious ode to optimism and introspection

"It’s a song written with the intention to help clear away negative emotions. And It helped me to realise that I am alive everyday"
7 February 2024

Waiting for Smith, the moniker of the talented Harry Lloyd, emerges once again to soothe and inspire with his latest single, Small Things. The gentleness and profundity of this track serve as a timely reminder that our worries are fleeting and that there are endless possibilities for positive transformation.

The track features the exquisite production of Grammy award-winning Danton Supple, celebrated for his collaborations with Coldplay, Kylie Minogue, Elbow, and Patti Smith. Supple’s skillful creation of a nuanced soundscape beautifully enhances Lloyd’s gentle vocals and the song’s deeply moving message. Its reflective and touching lyrics invite listeners to concentrate on the essentials, offering comfort with the promise that today’s minor worries will eventually vanish into the past​: “So don’t worry about the small things / Cos one day we’ll day die and we’ll be gone / The world will forgot and have moved on / Don’t worry about the small things”.

Lloyd shares the inspiration behind Small Things, emphasizing the song’s purpose as a catalyst for change and emotional clarity. He reveals, “We all can change, by rewriting the stories we tell ourselves.  The stories that seem to keep us from our greater happiness. This tune is a reminder that the ‘small things’ we worry about, day in and day out, will all eventually be forgotten. Even the bigger things all seem to turn out ok in the end if we see the things they have given us. It’s a song written with the intention to help clear away negative emotions. And It helped me to realise that I am alive everyday. That right now in this moment, I can choose how I react to anything and that the “small things”can be just moved Away Away, Away Away. ‘Small Things’ is a driving song to be played on any road trip – destination peace.” Lloyd’s personal journey and realizations imbue the track with authenticity and relatability, making Small Things a must-listen for anyone seeking peace and perspective.

A standout feature of Small Things is the collaboration with the Ingoma Choir from the IY Township in South Africa. Their vibrant and soul-stirring vocals infuse the track with an additional layer of cultural richness and emotional depth, showcasing Lloyd’s commitment to transcending musical boundaries and creating a universally resonant message.

The release of Small Things marks an exciting new chapter for Waiting for Smith, following a successful European tour with musician Isaac Anderson and setting the stage for his upcoming EU headline tour in April.

Waiting for Smith’s latest offering is a testament to the power of music to heal, unite, and inspire change, making it a beacon of hope in these uncertain times. With his ever-growing following and critical acclaim, Waiting for Smith is poised to continue spreading his message of love, resilience, and the importance of sweating the small stuff a little less.


See Waiting for Smith LIVE:

24th April – Blue Shell, Köln – Germany

25th April – Strom, Münchem – Germany

26th April – Chelsea, Vienna – Austria

28th April – Hakken, Hamburg – Germany

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