Waiting For Smith’s drops another soulful pop gem with ‘Raised Up’

"It's a ceremonial song, an ancient idea of gathering together round a fire to eat, laugh, rejoice and share medicine"
20 April 2024

Waiting For Smith returns with another captivating offering of his sparkling soulful pop in the form of his latest single, Raised Up, poised to shine as a standout track on his upcoming album. Serving as a beacon of inner revelation, Raised Up, released via Four One Seven Records, provides a momentary escape from the tumult of everyday life, building upon the uplifting essence of his previous release, Small Things.

In a world consumed by distractions, Waiting For Smith invites listeners to embrace harmony and connection in his latest single, Raised Up. Produced by Danton Supple, known for his work with Coldplay and Elbow, the track features Waiting For Smith’s crystalline vocals and poignant lyrics, guiding listeners on a journey of introspection and renewal.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, Waiting For Smith shares that: 

“‘Raised Up’ is a ceremonial song, an ancient idea of gathering together round a fire to eat, laugh, rejoice and share medicine. It’s a song that connects the listener to the idea of an alternative reality. A more conscious life, where we Raise Up to our greatest potential, free of the ego , our limitations for even a just moment we realise that we allow our stories to define who we are and what we become. But we always have a choice to make. Do we decide to stay stuck in our unhappiness, choosing to distract our minds continuously with sugars & social media or we commit a more conscious moment , to make a firm decision to become who we truly are: free, light, joyous beings, doing what we love, living with our open hearts full of kindness. Where we feel a  connection to all living things. I believe we don’t need to be unhappy. We can find our joy – but we must decide to do it.”

Having recently shared stages with renowned artist Isaac Anderson across Europe, including stops in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland, Waiting For Smith is well on his way to cementing his status as a household name in the realm of Indie Folk/Pop.



24th April – Headline Show – Blue Shell, Köln – Germany

25th April – Headline Show -Strom, Münchem – Germany

26th April – Headline Show – Chelsea, Vienna – Austria

28th April – Headline Show – Hakken, Hamburg – Germany

1st May – James McVey Support Tour – Bournemouth – Old Fire Station

3rd May – James McVey Support Tour – London – Lafayette

4th May – James McVey Support Tour – Birmingham – O2 Institute

7th May – James McVey Support Tour – Leeds – Oporto

8th May – James McVey Support Tour – Newcastle – Cluny 2

10th May – James McVey Support Tour – Manchester – Academy 3

12th May – James McVey Support Tour – Glasgow – King Tuts

15th May – James McVey Support Tour – Cologne – Yuca 

20th May – BENEDICT CORK Support – Brighton

23rd May – BENEDICT CORK  Support – Bristol 

24th May – NEW RULES – Support – Bristol

1st June –  BENEDICT CORK Support – Berlin

4th June –  BENEDICT CORK  Support – Manchester

TBC 7th June –  Headline Show – Amsterdam 

11th June – co- headline Show – Paris – Les Etoiles

13th June – Headline Show – London – The Courtyard Theatre