WAGs Are Everywhere – Now Even In The Latest Version Of A Major Dictionary

The inclusion of the word ‘WAGs’ in the new edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary reflects the rising importance of the glamorous wives and girlfriends of wealthy, high-profile football players. The term ‘Wags’ can also be found in the Collins English Dictionary’s 9th edition, which was published in June this year.

Sports journalist Alison Kervin lifts the lid on all things Waggish in her outrageously funny new book The Wag’s Diary, to be published in October, and would love to talk about the world of WAGdom. If you want to be up-to-the-minute on the WAG situation, then you’ve found the right girl …

The Wag’s Diary is a tongue-in-cheek and extremely witty novel about the rise – and rise – of that fairly recent phenomenon, the WAG. This hilarious tale is based on her personal experiences of working with the England rugby team and everything she has gleaned about football Wags both from years of covering sport, and from the enormous – and unavoidable – media coverage the Wags themselves generate on a daily basis.
The Wag’s Diary, by Alison Kervin, published by Avon