Masculine – Feminine. Push – Pull. The fibres of music stretched almost to the point of snapping. Tension! As far as I can see it, that’s probably the most accurate way to describe what Keep On Running, the debut LP from Swiss trio VSITOR (Lea Maria fries, David Koch, Valentin Liechti), is truly about. We’ve all been there, harbouring emotions so intense that it feels like they could crush us any moment like deep-ocean pressure. 

Musically this gem is kin to the likes of Sonic Youth, The XX and Daughters (their latest release and not the grind core beginnings). It’s also the type of material that marries noise and texture with melody, and traditional structures with unhinged structural experiments. It’s basically a record that you discover over time, and it just gets better every time you drown in it. 

Keep On Running is out on indie label Red Brick Chapel.