Von Tagen: Bridging hearts and miles with ‘Colorado’

"It stands as a testament to the unpredictable ways in which life can mirror art"
2nd November 2023

Nestled within the lively musical tapestry of Nashville, the brotherly ensemble known as Von Tagen is making waves in the alternative pop-rock realm. Consisting of Tyler handling the guitar, Jordan on bass, Derick on keys, and Mikey on drums, this tight-knit quartet goes beyond family ties; they nurture an unwavering passion for crafting impactful music. This is evident in their latest single, Colorado, where they skillfully blend contemporary pop and rock elements to deliver a compelling song.

Colorado delves into the intricate nuances of long-distance love, capturing the essence of yearning and the trials associated with physical separation. Adding an extra layer of authenticity, bassist Jordan’s personal connection to the theme unfolds as he embarked on a long-distance relationship with a girl from Colorado after the song’s inception—a true instance of life imitating art.

The band’s enthusiasm for Colorado radiates, driven by its engaging melodies and heartfelt lyrics poised to resonate with listeners. Von Tagen articulates, “The song expresses the hope for a lasting connection while acknowledging the inherent difficulties and pains that come with maintaining a love that spans miles. ‘Colorado’ stands as a testament to the unpredictable ways in which life can mirror art.”

Having graced the music scene since 2018, Von Tagen has steadily cultivated a devoted fanbase, accumulating over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. In 2023, the band continues its upward trajectory, unveiling a series of singles with more in the pipeline and an EP on the horizon. Their momentum remains unyielding as they garner attention locally and create ripples throughout the broader music industry.

Keep a close watch on this band of brothers—not only are they crafting exceptional alternative pop-rock music, but they’re also weaving a sonic journey that resonates with hearts spanning across distances.