Michigan based Rock band Von Bondies have announced a return to Belfast to play The Limelight on Sunday 10th May. With the February 2009 release of Love, Hate and Then There’s You, the Von Bondies’ third studio album and their debut for Majordomo Records those fans will experience a band that’s come a long way since 2004’s smash album Pawn Shoppe Heart. Now in their ninth year together, Stollsteimer and drummer Don Blum, the Von Bondies’ other founding member, have taken their music to new places while holding on to the core values they’ve always exhibited.. Tickets for the Belfast show are on sale now from all usual outlets.

The Limelight
Sunday 10th May 2009

Ticket Price:£10.00
In person:From 22 Ticketmaster outlets province wide / Katy Daly’s Bar
24hr hotlines:Tel: (NI) 0870 243 4455 (ROI) 0818 719 300
Buy online: geturticket.com / ticketmaster.ie
For more see: cdcleisure.com / myspace.com/vonbondies
The Plausible Truth: the Von Bondies are from Americaland. They now consist of Jason Stollsteimer (vocals / guitar), Don Blum (drums), Leann Banks (bass) and Christy Hunt (guitar). ‘Love, Hate And Then There’s You’ is their third album thus far in a pleasingly traumatic career, and features 12 tracks of thigh-gripping, powerpop-pumping melodic joy. Old school fans might care to relish the garage ruckouts of ‘Shut Your Mouth’ and ‘She’s Dead To Me’; radio freaks should beam along with the shiny chaos of ‘Only To Haunt You’ or ‘Shine’ or lead-off single, the rumblesome ‘Earthquake’. And value-for-money makers should delight in the fact that this deluxe fierce panda European release comes with a bonus CD featuring five new Von Bondies tracks not available elsewhere, man.

So far, so frenzied. That it has been a long and grinding road to this point cannot be denied, however. From Stollsteimer’s rock’n’roll apprenticeship in the perhaps unfortunately named Baby Killers at the end of the previous century through to their role as shining beacons in the devilish Detroit scene of the early ‘00s on the back of their ‘Lack Of Communication’ album, the Von Bondies’ core has remained committed to the cause through thick, thin and thinner still.

This is just as well, as half a decade has passed since the last time the Von Bondies impinged upon the public consciousness when the ‘Pawn Shoppe Heart’ album was driven along by the success of the anthemic ‘C’mon C’mon’ in 2004, itself famed for becoming the theme tune to Denis Leary’s rugged TV series ‘Rescue Me’. By some sweet coincidence this was also the last time the Von Bondies registered upon the radar of their major label marketing department as the following years saw the A&R rulers endeavour to hook Stollsteimer up with various pop-tastic songwriters. Bad call.

“They didn’t really know what they wanted,” considers drummer Blum. “But they knew that the (new) stuff we were recording wasn’t emo.”
“I was like, Thank God,” adds Stollsteimer, “Because we’re not an emo band!”

This much is true. Resilient they may be. Resourceful, certainly. Rock and bloomin’ roll, most definitely. But the Von Bondies were never about to make like My Chemical Romance. Instead, just as their fierce panda predecessors The Spinto Band, The Raveonettes and The Walkmen remained heartily unflustered by parting company with their corporate paymeisters, so Stollsteimer set to work creating some brand now Bondies themes.

And here they are on ‘Love, Hate And Then There’s You’ in their full fuzzy FM-friendly fury, proud of riff, raw of emotion and hectic of harmony. Just like all the best alternative rock records should be. “Most bands don’t last five years,” muses Stollsteimer, “we’ve been a band for nine. I feel like we’ve progressed as fast as we can. You can’t get anywhere by standing still and we’re always about moving. It’s all about having a good time.”