Following its debut at Austin’s SXSW 2018, Rotterdam-based Volareo – the world’s first blockchain-enabled smart speaker – started a limited pre-order round. The innovative device allows users to listen to a lifetime of free music while providing instant compensation to musicians. Based on an open-source, decentralized platform and powered by Musicoin, the speaker is controlled via mobile app or voice commands, and promises to break new boundaries in both cryptocurrency and musical appreciation.

Backed by Musicoin’s UBI protocol, Volareo compensates artists seamlessly and instantly with every single play. Listening is always free and without ads, with artist royalties paid in MUSIC, Musicoin’s in-house cryptocurrency. Listeners are given the option to engage further with their favorite artists by simply clapping their hands or pressing a button within the app to leave additional tips. Volareo founder Nick Yap explains :“Tipping is entirely voluntary, but can be used to really build a relationship between listeners and artists – Bands can even choose to reward their best tippers with special incentives like exclusive tracks, t-shirts, or pre-releases – This is more than just listening to and showcasing music—it’s about building community.”

In addition to streaming from the Musicoin platform, the device features both audio out and in jacks and the ability to play popular services like Spotify or Apple Music via Bluetooth.

Isaac Mao, founder of the Musicoin Project adds: “Volareo opens a new chapter to the blockchain ecosystem. It’s a tangible device that bridges our daily lives with the crypto economy, and re-thinks the way we can engage with, listen to, and get paid by music. Musicoin’s hardware partnerships will definitely add new paths to the smart speaker arena. This is actually a game changer.”

Only 100 units will be sold during this limited-time engagement at the price of $99 USD, although users opting to purchase with MUSIC will receive a special additional discount. Volareo is set to deliver end of Q4 2018.