‘Prescription Dream’ is the stylishly relevant project, developed by creative collective Voice of Aiko (in partnership with charities REST, MIND & APRIL), with the aim to raise awareness and open dialogue on the ongoing prescription drug crisis. The suitably lush & intense visual experience is directed by Enya Belak Gupta.

The collective explain: “What drove us to launch this project was hearing the shocking statistics and stories about what potential harm medications prescribed by the doctor can cause and how easily this can be helped by us just talking about it more, allowing people to make informed choices. We hope that with this emotional song, Enya’s stunning video, the artistic workshops and the weekly vlog we can raise awareness on this very important subject…Voice of Aiko is a new creative collective of musicians, filmmakers, dancers and artists joining forces . An artistic army on a mission! Our first project ‘Prescription Dream’ is the result of one heady shared Summer in Berlin with musicians Calista Kazuko, Samim, Miguel Toro and Jack Brown.

We’ve collaborated with filmmaker Enya Belak Gupta and charities MIND, REST & APRIL to draw the spotlight on an ongoing prescription drug epidemic.

In England alone there are an estimated 1.5 million people suffering from doctor-induced Benzo drug dependency and more than 1 million patients are taking dependence-forming drugs unnecessarily. Antidepressants are also a major problem and statistics show that roughly 50 Americans die from prescription painkiller overdoses every day.

Our mission with this project is to get people talking and thinking about this important issue using the power of beautiful art!”