Viruette releases the fresh and energetic song ‘Maimed’

"The song is about failures of will and human weakness and how quickly our clarity of mind can evaporate in the face of temptation"
19 May 2023

Viruette is a pretty interesting Boston band that plays a blend of American and English indie rock. Its members are Harry Bee (Vocals, Keys, Guitar), George Heffernan (Bass, backing vocals, saxophone), and Andrew Ring (Drums).

Their most recent single, Maimed, is an excellent followup of their previous songs, Viruette and ‘Call Me Annabel.

The 3-piece band has created some awesome tunes combining sounds from across the Atlantic. Their songs have an indie style, full of melodies with impressive vocal harmonies and significant lyrics.

Maimed, is not an exception. It’s all about two people who can’t quite make it work – dealing with difficult emotions, being alone and using substances. You follow the narrator as he tries to free himself from his dynamically dysfunctional situation. Unfortunately, he finds himself caught in an awkward situation between the domestic and degenerate unit.

The track starts off with a melancholy guitar, groovy drums and jazzy vocal harmonies to give it a dreamlike ambiance. It contrasts the heavy lyrical content in a special way.

The Viruette‘s sound is both fresh and energetic – they mix indie-pop and rock with the addition of a saxophone in the chorus, which comes together to create a really captivating track.

Viruette delves deeper into the track: “The song is about failures of will and human weakness; how doing the right thing is made so difficult when continuing on the wrong path can bring so much in the way of transient comforts, and how quickly our clarity of mind can evaporate in the face of temptation.”

Viruette continues to raise their indie-rock sound with upcoming material and an album release expected in 2024, giving something new to their expanding fanbase. They offer rich lyrics with an unmistakable touch.

Photo by Renee Newman