vidpoet’s latest EP ‘Art Therapy part 2’ is a love letter to art rap and originality

"It's not new, it's not old, it's what rap has been traditionally, and as the pendulum swings back toward lyricism, we are poised to make our mark."
31 March 2023

Art Therapy part 2 is the latest EP from alternative rap artists vidpoet and Sperry. It’s a continuation of his previous EP, Art Therapy part 1, and is, at its core, a sort of love letter to this particular genre of rap music. This record is an ode to the “truly independent aesthetic’’, a complete departure from the mainstream, and a way for vidpoet and Steve Sperry to assert themselves as truly original artists, who are proud of what they create.

It’s not hard to see how passionate these guys are about their work; it’s all there in vidpoet’s lyricism. They refuse to hold back, and instead of catchy, easy hooks, they opt for girthy chunks of verbiage that spell out their inner thoughts and feelings on the state of popular rap music today, and how overlooked the art rap genre is.

‘’It’s not new, it’s not old, it’s what rap has been traditionally, and as the pendulum swings back toward lyricism, we are poised to make our mark. the main critique of this stuff is that it is too unorthodox. not only does that not bother me, it makes me feel really good knowing that what i do is truly original.’’

This EP builds on what part 1 had already laid down, but with a notably darker tinge. Listening with headphones is highly recommended for this one; Sperry’s production on these tracks is nothing short of impressive, with plenty of interesting aural elements to pique your interest and immerse you in the grungy, hard-hitting new school vibe. The lyrics are loaded with intelligent quips and rhymes, paired with booming beats and odd musical flairs, that seem to be designed to be out of place and somewhat disturbing to the listener. 

The track titled Giwufi is a great example of this unnerving yet immersing style; the song opens with distorted, echoey soundbites and a chaotically, purposefully badly-played piano riff that runs throughout, creating an undeniable sense of unease. This particular flavour of hip-hop may not be the most popular, but it is undeniably affecting and memorable, and artists like vidpoet are truly few and far between these days. 

The decision to go so far outside the box is born out of a pure creative desire to do so, and certainly deserves a heavy amount of respect, even if just based on originality alone. That’s not to say the record isn’t listenable, or good; vidpoet and Sperry maintain a healthy marriage of avant-garde and classic hip-hop, with Sperry’s infectious beats layered underneath vidpoet’s spitfire flow. This stylistic choice seem to stem from their reverence of the golden age hip-hop, and it’s this element which keeps the EP from veering too far off the edge into the abyss of obscurity, and instead leaves these songs firmly planted in the contemporary, making them accessible and somewhat addictive. 

For fans of true originality and inventiveness in music, and any fans of hip-hop in general, vidpoet and Sperry are artists that you have to check out, and Art Therapy parts 1 & 2 are a great place to start. Check out vidpoet on streaming platforms right now.