Zach Van HoozerBerlin-based band Zulu Pearls, make cosmopolitain pop, rock and soul records since 2009. ‘Singles Deluxe’ (released on Fandango/Fierce Panda records on 6th October) continues what they left with their first LP ‘No Heroes No Honeymoons’, the bands’ unique, enticing sound, a clever blend of Pop/Rock and soul­ inflected reflections on lost love…Here’s the video for ‘Lightweight’.

Singles Deluxe gives a glimpse into primary songwriter and Washington, D.C. native Zach Van Hoozer’s broadening scope of songwriting and sincere wit; deftly tipping it’s hat to retro sensibilities without succumbing to fetishism…

Overseen by producer Nick Anderson, ‘Singles Deluxe’ include exclusive remixes from a wide range of co ­conspirators, artists and producers, including the likes of drifters Dirty Beaches (Montreal, CA) and Sapphire Slows (Tokyo, JP), weirdo ­pop producer Young Marco (Amsterdam, NL) and Gothenburg, Sweden’s native son, Svart Express.

Check out their first LP ‘No Heroes No Honeymoons’.