Rökkurró1Reykjavík, Iceland-based band Rökkurró – Axel, Árni, Bibbi, Helga, Hildur, Skúli – reveal a rather alluring and bizarre video for their stunning new track ‘The Backbone’, the first single (out 11th August) to be released from the band’s new album, set for release late 2014.

The beautiful video is directed and edited by Sunneva Ása Weisshappel and Anni Ólafsdóttir. Rökkurró’s singer Hildur explains: “The idea behind the video is to explore what beauty is. What is beautiful and what is grotesque and when do they segue into each other? What is our common perception of beauty? If we cover our bodies with slime or in plastic what do we make out of it? We chose these colors, as they are not pretty pastels or colors that you relate to pretty things.”Rökkurró video1On the song’s recording she says: “Even though the song has quite a chilled vibe, the rockier bit was probably the sweatiest recording session of the entire album! We had to record that part many times – as it needed to be tight – and by the end everyone had taken most of their clothes off. I think you can hear the half-naked vibe, if you listen closely.”