rim6Italian band RIM (Revolution Is Me), reveals the video for ‘Disarmer’, a dynamic and fresh track lifted from their debut album ‘Revolution Is Me’, out now on One More Lab (edited by Nar International/N2N). The video features a combat girl armed with a smart phone camera taking pictures of society’s injustices, a sort of Lara Croft with a political and social conscience…

The band explains: “Revolution Is Me come out of our desire to do something that would make the difference and leave its mark as a small revolution. “RIM” is also the margin, the border in which we are relegated by society, who often chooses for us and makes us a system of numbers. Beyond that margin, you can make a difference from the rest. Our music is for anyone who needs a revenge, a ransom, and invite to the daily revolution from small things, first by themselves.”rim

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