MOXIIE new pic1Excitingly talented New York-based impressive Haitian alt-pop singer/songwriter Moxiie, reveals a new stunning video for her single ‘Jilted’. The video starts off with a famous line from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 masterpiece ‘Apocalypse Now’.

‘Jilted’ is a modern pop gem about an unrequited love being realized beyond the grave: ”When my life is over, when my time is through, I’ll haunt you forever for what I didn’t get to do…”

Moxiie reveals: “I started partying when I was 12, so I’ve seen it all. I kinda burned out on the scene early. It’s fun sometimes, but I have an addictive personality & its gotten me into trouble. I just prefer to put that energy into my music.”

The beautiful rising-star was born to teenage parents, there was no money, no plan. She was raised on MTV, sounds of the Caribbean, Biggie & Jay-z…“I was sent to live with family in Haiti with my siblings because my mom was really young, my dad bailed out and the drug issue in our neighborhood was really bad. My grandma stepped in a lot, and supported us as a maid at a hotel in NYC. Of course I hated moving to Haiti, but now I am so grateful for that experience.”
‘JILTED’ on iTunes