Phenomenal US rapper Angel Haze, unveils a stunning animated video for her featured single ‘Pleasure This Pain’, alongside enchanting Danish artist Kwamie Liv.

Speaking about the collaboration with Kwamie Liv, Angel says: “It was an unexpected collaboration. We share the same management and somehow found ourselves on a four-hour Skype call that then inspired Kwamie to start the song. It was beautiful and organic”…Liv adds: “We wanted to create a limitless playground that Angel and I could live in for that song, and animation is perfect for that”
In celebration of Angel Haze’s forthcoming 2015 project: ‘Back To The Woods’ – a 13-track mix set to release on September 14th via Noizy Cricket – she will be hosting a live album listening party and performance in London, at Birthdays on September 4th, 2015.