guy pearce1Outstanding actor Guy Pearce unveils the stunning video (by award-winning filmmaker, Mackenzie Sheppard), shot on location in Tokyo during his recent filming stint in Japan, for ‘Taste’ the second single, off his debut album ‘Broken Bones’ (set for a November 7 release in Australia & NZ via MGM Distribution).

On the handsomely catchy tune the Australian movie star explains: “‘Taste’ digs into that illusive thing we call “identity”, and who we think we are, versus who we actually are – whatever that even means…We’re so malleable and contradictory at times, it’s often hard to be objective.”

“The main idea behind the concept for Taste was creating a sense of hyper-reality”, says Sheppard, who won Young Directors Award at Cannes 2014 for Best Short Film Asia. “I wanted to take iconic – or stereotypical – Tokyo characters and put them in strange and surreal environments that would be slowly revealed throughout the video.”

Sheppard adds: “I wanted Guy to learn the song in reverse and have him move backwards through these environments to build a strange malleable atmosphere that I felt suited the song…“Taste” builds and “becomes bolder towards the end of the song…bending out of reality and into a surreal landscape”.

In Pearce’s incredible movie career, there is a rather clear musical thread running through… Priscilla Queen of the Desert, LA Confidential, Memento, The Hurt Locker, The King’s Speech, Mildred Pearce…Here’s the video for Pearce’s debut single, ‘Storm’, directed by Melbourne-based filmmaker Michael Shanks (LateNite Films).