daniel l2Brian Eno’s foremost protégé, Daniel Lanois, the forward-thinking producer of landmark albums for U2 and Peter Gabriel + Bob Dylan and Neil Young, reveals the wonderful video, created by Jim McKay, to accompany ‘Iceland’.

A otherworldly sonic journey lifted from his new album ‘But Flesh And Machine’, out through Anti – on 27th October.

McKay reveals: “The invitation to find or create images to accompany one of Daniel Lanois’ songs was exciting for me. I was especially drawn to the track, ‘Iceland,’ firstly because it’s absolutely beautiful but also because of its deceptive simplicity.”daniel lDaniel Lanois adds: “What a wonderful surprise to have my music elevated by this beautiful Jim McKay film. A striking one camera, one shot, no edits journey through the imagination of a young girl dancing in a forest setting. The origin of this music was a one take performance by Brian Blade on drums with me on piano. Jim’s one shot reflects this perfectly. My sound manipulations are then visually echoed by the visual manipulations added to Jim’s work by my colorist friend, Adam Vollick. A sweet little film with a big emotional result. Thank you, Jim.”