cathedrals1San Francisco-based duo Cathedrals – Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin – unveil a rather sparkling and intimate video – directed by Sam Pressman + cinematography by Isaac Bauman – to accompany ‘Unbound’, their enticing and soulful tune lifted from their self-titled debut EP, out now via Neon Gold.

Brodie & Johnny explain: “We were gifted with the talents of cinematographer Isaac Bauman, known for his work on Drake’s “Worst Behavior” and Disclosure’s “When a Fire Starts to Burn.” Through his lens and the masterful direction of Sam Pressman, a world of light and love is woven together. On the last night of shooting, we invited friends and lovers to share a portrait of intimacy on camera. These captured moments of love are the crux of the film – lush portals into the worlds of couples intertwined.”cathedrals2Sam adds: “The intimacy of the lovers is the ground, the base emotion of the song – the light cubes are the rhythm, continuous in every shot of the video they remind that everyone herein is coexisting even if we so often feel separate – Maria is the spirit, up and down, dancing our worlds together — and Cathedrals are our storytellers mirroring the struggle of the lovers to find each other.”cathedrals3The video features the incredible dancing of principal ballerina Maria Kochetkova and the splendid backdrop of the otherworldly light sculpture Sugar Cubes…

Cathedrals EP here on iTunes