London-based Veronika Vesper, is a cinematic electronic pop princess, fashion model, classical flutist and the daughter of a world famous Czechoslovakian conductor…Above all she is an accomplished artist. Her new single ‘Rule’ is out now on Volcanique Records.

Please tell us a bit more about your new single ‘Rule’?

Rule was written as the last song on my album and I never planned it to be a single. I just wanted to write a song for myself, something I like to listen to.
Didn’t really try to write a big chorus etc.. and then when we started to play it to people everyone was like.. yeah defo a single ..well I’m happy with that obvs 🙂

The lyrics are based on my experiences of feeling low, insecure and fukked by all the wild things I used to do and then using a superhero character or some sort of a role model to identify with and get inspired, empowered and to gain strength.

Then imagining I’m that character and feeling high and on top of it, before I fall down back into the gloom. Then realising that if I’m able to function better after identifying with someone, I must have all those qualities in me and all I have to do is to learn to step into my own power.

Long story short – it’s all about your mind and how you see things.
Rule your mind or it will rule you 🙂

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Creative loving curious alien freak.

You are an electronic pop star, fashion model, classical flutist and a performer. How important is being your family background?

Very important.

I’m really lucky that I was born into a musical family and could nurture my talents from an early age. .

In the same time I’ve experienced all the constrains of classical music and felt the urge to break out if and find a less constricted way of expressing myself and connecting with the audience.

Do you remember the first time you wanted to be an artist?

I remember the feeling, the need to express myself and create an imaginary world through music, movement and visuals.

The need to escape from the reality, from suffering and to make ordinary things more beautiful. I think I was about 5 years old then.

I started to see it as a more realistic path for myself when I discovered Bjork, who was a massive influence then.
veronika1What was your dream when at 6 you were already a musical protégé and what’s your dream now?

At 6 I was mainly concerned about the amount of suffering in this world and wanted to do something to change it ..or make it lighter or something ..
Now is pretty much the same 🙂

I wanna be the best artist, performer I can possibly be, lift spirits and shift consciousness. Empower people to choose love and passion over fear, be themselves and follow their dreams .

What gave you the strength to go ahead and overcome your ‘the darkness’?

My feeling of purpose, a mission I need to complete. Also I tried to see all the difficulties as a lesson and a mean to make me stronger and more experienced so I can help others. Struggle is also a wonderful ingredient for creating honest art.

How did you manage in the end to unite the conflicting light and dark sides of your personality?…..

I can’t really remember one moment when it happened, it was a gradual process. I guess it still is.

Meditation definitely helped, being more confident in myself and not giving a fuck. It’s like when both keep constantly appearing in the end you’re like .. well this is who I am and that’s cool.

I can totally be an inked meditating light being and after the session listen to death metal and go to a fetish party or whatever .. Also I think that to bring about a change you have to be a rebel and have some fire in you.

It’s fine.. we can be whoever we want to be .. it’s just about not buying into different stiff concepts of our society and not worrying about what people think about you ..

What do you prefer the fashion world or music world?

I like to be between both.

Who are your influences in music, cinema, fashion…?

Music: Bjork, David Bowie, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, FSOL, Portishead, Massive Attack, Radiohead…
Cinema: Luc Besson, David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky, Stanley Kubrick, David Kronenberg ..
Fashion: Iris Van Herpen, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Hussain Chalayan ….

Who would you most like to collaborate within the industry?

I’d love to write some tunes with Depeche Mode and Sia. I love Eminem and Angel Haze, Azealia Banks is pretty cool too.
Duet with James Blake would be wonderful. ….loads of people..

What’s coming next for you?

Doing gigs, working on a new collaboration with one fashion brand, preparing the release of my next single and video .. Lots of cool exciting stuff…


By Fabrizio Belluschi ©