Photo by Leyla Rees

Veera Lummi’s ‘Liminal’ looks at the concept of surrender and renewal

"It's about surrendering to the unknown, being with the discomfort, and trusting that it will flush through. " 
5 December 2023

Alternative pop artist Veera Lummi ​shares her fascinating debut EP, Liminal. Following the release of singles Paralysed and “Liminal,” Lummi expands her enchanting musical realm with three additional tracks, including a remix of Clarity by Royce Wood Junior. The EP, ​showcases Lummi’s rich compositional talents, guides listeners through ethereal vocals, cinematic strings, emotive synths, and electronic samples. Liminal delves into themes of self-reflection, rebirth, and hope, drawing comparisons to influential artists like Björk, James Blake, Holly Walker, Sampha, and Jamie Woon.

Born in Finland and currently based in London, Lummi’s musical journey reflects her diverse background. With a robust career as a composer for film and television, Lummi showcases her immersive production skills and gorgeous orchestration in Liminal. Inspired by Scandinavian artists, her fusion of contemporary electronic principles with full soundscapes positions her firmly in the realm of “experimental pop.” Childhood influences rooted in Finnish schlager and folk, coupled with exposure to quirky electronics and pop, contribute to Lummi’s unique musical perspective.

Photo by Leyla Rees

Her previous works, including subtle, dreamy scores featured in films like Burning Gold and Crossing Tracks, have earned Lummi recognition in the industry. Paralysed, a standout track from the EP, resonated with BBC6’s Deb Grant and Tom Ravenscroft, gaining acclaim for its layered beats and futuristic synth pads. The track’s harmonized vocals build to a crescendo, urging listeners to break into a new way of thinking.

The EP unfolds with haunting melodies and orchestral breakdowns in the introductory track, Until the Calmness. Lummi describes this piece as “quirky grooves with scandi melancholy,” inspired by a serendipitous encounter near sulfur springs in Rome. The track serves as an ode to surrender and new beginnings, with Lummi expressing the idea of something rising from deep within.

Photo by Leyla Rees

The title track, Liminal, showcases Lummi’s experimental prowess, blending innovative synth pads with lullaby-like vocals that transport the listener to a realm where right meets left. In Sorry for What, a downtempo reflective piece, Lummi explores the complexities of human connection, accompanied by bursts of colorful strings.

Lummi encapsulates the essence of the EP in her own words, stating, “It’s about surrendering to the unknown, being with the discomfort, and trusting that it will flush through.”