Two brothers, Thad and Jonah McClelland, have been showing off their creative juices for the longest time separately, but starting a new venture where they produce music together was something that needed to be heard.

Although Thad lives in Memphis, Tennessee and Jonah lives in North Carolina, they still came together to write and record music over a distance.  But before this happened Jonah went through Thad’s archives in his computer and found some potential beats that needed to be heard by the masses. 

They decided that they needed to release and work on a more alternative hip hop sound that focused on melodies that also is open with lyricism that listeners can connect with.  By forming Valid Point. Thad handles the music, whilst Joanh works on the business side of things as well as the lyrics.

The new album, Mannequin, is a product of dealing with pain and moving on from the feeling of being lifeless, like a Mannequin.