USHER Releases Powerful New Track I CRY: Listen

Usher released a new track I Cry. The song is inspired by Black Lives Matter movement and contains a very powerful message. Usher wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post on the importance of Juneteenth and protested during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. The track was released June 26, and it discusses racism, police brutality, and what it is like mentally to have to deal with it. In an Instagram post, Usher shared the inner process and inspiration that lead to this song. He wanted to teach his sons that there is nothing wrong with a man having strong feelings, showing his emotions, and crying. He writes that he and the majority of his generation were raised to believe that showing the emotions, having feelings and crying was unacceptable, especially for men, and that he does not want his sons to feel the same way about it and not be able to express themselves. He felt the common hopelessness while being locked inside during the quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic and later devastated by the police brutality acts against the black communities.

Upcoming performances from Usher

In 2020 Usher had already released two songs: “SexBeat” with Lil Jon and Ludacris, and “California” with Tyga before releasing “I Cry”. The last time Usher released an album was in 2016 and it was called “Hard II Love”. Since 2018 he has been preparing a new record with Zaytoven. There is no official date set for the release of the record. There are no solo-concerts of Usher scheduled but he may be featured in gala-concerts by the end of 2020. There is still a hope from big concert providers that the pandemic will be over in the last two months of year and all the industries will be back to normal. Along with drive-in concerts, there is still a chance for private shows. In the past Usher and other big celebrities have thrown private shows in casino buildings. US and Canadian casino buildings are open and some of the states will reopen casinos by the end of 2020. Private shows in casinos are wild as fans can listen to usher along with playing favorite games. As the invited-only visitors say, these kinds of nights are perfect for casinos because there are high roller gambling offers for loyal players. IT could be hard for regular players to attend vip shows because it’s for high rollers players who not only enjoy luck but are ready to test every new game with big stakes. Casino buildings are shifted for artist’s live performances and traditional gaming offers – poker and roulette table, slot machines, online platforms, etc. As drive-in concerts are possible, then fans could wait for vip performances of usher in casino venues. 

Many artists have been working hard on their projects during the quarantine, as the shows and tours around the world were canceled. Therefore, the fans might see the long-expected album this year. Usher has not announced any concerts in the upcoming year yet.

Usher Drops Video for New Song ‘I Cry’

Usher self-taped the video for his new song “I Cry”. It is a mostly black and white video that shows Usher in a close-up and the photographs of Gordon Parks during the Civil Rights movement. Later in the video, Usher’s eyes fill up with tears. By the end, he bows down his head and has a truly hopeless expression. Usher posted a note on Instagram saying that being locked home during the COVID-19 pandemic and later watching the police brutality, the murders of George Floyd and other black people made him feel the common hopelessness. He goes on saying that he was raised believing that men should not show their emotions and that it is not OK for a man to cry. He said that he does not want his sons to grow up believing they cannot express themselves freely. According to Rolling Stones, Usher wants to donate the proceeds from the song Local Initiatives Support Corporation, which supports communities of color in the U.S.