Ups And Downs Of A Real Dreamer And Favorite Child Of Fortune Max Polyakov

Read the story of a boy from a poor family who managed to gain all perks of life. Max Polyakov opens the doors of his hidden background and childhood.
19 September 2018

How It Feels Like to Reach for a Dream?

Max Polyakov is an ordinary man who had his own dreams and beliefs. Thanks to them and his focus on reaching for the aim, he managed to open his real estate agency Noosphere. Nowadays, he helps thousands of people to get a house of their dreams.

The man always loved architecture and beautiful buildings. But he also had a passion for money, well, like everybody has. The lack of finances accompanied his big family
his entire childhood. He and other kids wanted to have more than they could afford themselves and decided to reach for a real success in their lives.

Their parents were good people who wanted to arrange cloudless days for the kids. They understood that there won’t be any opportunities for children in the USSR. That’s why Max Polyakov’s family left its native Ukraine and went to look for more advantageous life in the USA.

The USA Has it All!

At first, life in the USA wasn’t that easy. Parents had to give all their strength to cope with a few jobs. But children helped them. For example, Max Polyakov realized that
he has to perform great educational examination results to attend one of the most respected universities. That’s why he studied all day and all night during his childish period. When he was a teenager, he began to earn cash on his own. Other kids followed him and tried to help parents.

When the young man entered a prestigious New York University, he was extremely excited. He knew that only this city may give him the needed energy, connections, and success. And Max Polyakov was right. During his studentship, he starts writing articles in his own blog Max Polyakov’s Noosphere and it was only the beginning of his real estate agent career.

The Rise of Noosphere

Max Polyakov reviewed the situation in the housing sphere in New York. He even discussed some questions with famous city agencies. And shortly, Noosphere became popular among readers who were looking for nice property options. After he graduated from the university, a few respected companies gave him a job offer. He became a successful and most wanted sales real estate manager.

Max Polyakov kept supporting his Noosphere blog and after a few years of successful career in the industry, he established his own company. His readers were glad because he was a trustful specialist who definitely knew what people need. His client base became bigger each day. Success visited him at once. Now, he was able to support his parents financially. Noosphere was the implementation of all his hopes.

The Result of Bid Dreams

Today, Max Polyakov has a wife and children. He teaches his kids to appreciate money and be goal oriented. And his wife totally supports him in all his initiatives.

Together, they keep developing Noosphere and build new future plans.

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