Looking for a record contract? Well, you’ve just found one – that’s the message to unsigned musicians across the globe from a brand new social networking site.

The Kerchoonz.com service is the first to address the music industry’s biggest problem: how to pay recording artists for their work and keep it free for fans.

The Scottish based site is the brainchild of Singer/Songwriter Indiana Gregg and producer Ian Morrow (Wet Wet Wet, Rod Stewart, Seal) who have already received thousands of requests from artists wanting to sign up – and the site is yet to go live.

The site has already caused leading media sites to go into panic mode. MySpace, which has ambitions to dominate the online music industry, rushed out a press release claiming it was launching a similar service.

The idea came about when Indiana, after releasing her album Woman at Work, became the victim of illegal downloader’s. She lost out after pirates made ¼ million illegal downloads of her album of which she didn’t receive a penny in revenue.

“We are ready to launch where as MySpace appears to be trading words instead of actions. They must be very nervous as they are already struggling with their new service which was supposed to challenge iTunes,” says Ian Morrow – the man responsible for producing Wet Wet Wet’s No. 1 single Love is all Around.

“Kerchoonz takes the world of online music to a completely different dimension by allowing musicians to earn money from their work without being exploited” says Indiana Gregg.

Kerchoonz.com has already formed alliances with some well known record labels in order to give music fans what they want – a safe and legal way to download music for free.

“Anybody with half a clue about computers can rip music from the internet. Artists, especially unsigned ones, don’t want to charge fans but at the same time need to earn a living, this is the solution,” adds Gregg

The multi-dimensional site grades users into three distinct categories, all with different functions dependant on whom you are…

1. Fans – can listen to and download their favourite tunes free of charge.
2. Musicians – can set up a personal profile, promote themselves, network, make friends and earn cash.
3. Industry Pros – can use the site to check out the wealth of talent on offer.
Musicians can even earn money by recommending friends to the site and with no limit on the number of people you can recommend, it’s the hardest working acts that will reap the greatest rewards.

“If the bands and artists use the promotional tools we provide for them, Kerchoonz will act just like a record company on which artists can effectively ‘sell’ their music without actually charging their fans anything for it,”

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