Unsigned Artist LUKE BURR Beats STORMZY In Charts

Super talented unsigned artist Luke Burr has surged past Stormzy in the iTunes and Shazam charts with his beautiful cover of What You Won’t Do For Love. The song was played on TV’s ‘Love Island’ last week and since then has been a firm favourite across all platforms.

What You Won’t Do For Love is the perfect demonstration of Luke’s truly unique and soulful vocal ability. Dubbed as a raw mix of ‘early Amy Winehouse meets John Legend’, he writes all his own original material and this track was recorded in his bedroom in Essex.

Speaking of his overnight success, Luke Burr said: “For a song I made in my bedroom to be played in millions of other people’s homes is a dream come true. Working so hard without being heard can be tough as an independent artist but to get a break like this and have my voice introduced to so many people is amazing. I want to make the most of this moment and build on it.”