UNSECRET Quickfire Questions

Despite being one of the most prolific producers working today, with an output that includes twenty-four songs already this year, we still have now idea who UNSECRET is. Since first emerging back in 2016, the faceless producer has led his/her name to a wealth of bold and captivating electro-pop anthems, and has now returned to share the brilliant Butterfly Boucher collaboration Joyride.

So with the iron still being very much hot for the beatmaker right now, we thought we’d take the opportunity to find out more about who he/she is and more importantly, where we can expect them to go in the months ahead.

Who are you?

Who am I? The mystery continues! I love seeing people guess who I am on social media. I don’t plan to reveal the answer anytime soon. Honestly, the best thing about my anonymity is that it shines more light on the featured artists, who are all very deserving of attention. 

Where do you find your inspiration from?

While inspiration can strike anywhere, I don’t sit around waiting for it to happen. I think of inspiration as an active process. Digging through bins for unheard vinyl. Flipping through books from forgotten shelves. Absorbing the bustle of a big city street, or soaking up the quiet of a mountain path. For me, inspiration starts with discovery.

How do you choose the best collaborators?

I’m fortunate to have very talented friends. I love to collaborate, and getting in the room with an artist or two and just letting things run wild is an absolute thrill. Of course, many times the artists are reaching out to me with an idea. I won’t work with just anyone, but I’m always willing to take a chance with someone new if they’re passionate about creating great music. 

Will you be touring?

I would need to get very creative to come up with a plan for how a tour could work. But the question comes up more and more, so I’m certainly considering the options. I’ll tell you this: if it happens, it’ll be a wild show.

Summer or Winter?

Summer! The whole world seems to relax a bit, and we could all use more of that! UNSECRET’s latest single Joyride’ ft. Butterfly Boucher is available to buy and stream now, and you can also check it out below.