Uniting Nations ‘Do it yourself’ new hot video

Chart Topping Sensational Video Sees UK Single Release
Uniting Nations – pop/dance production duo Paul Keenan and Daz Sampson – are back with another infectious dance floor smash. ‘Do It Yourself’ has already reached number 1 on the Music Week Commercial club chart and been top five on the Cool Cuts chart, surpassing their previous hits ‘Out of Touch’, ‘You And Me’ and ‘Ai No Corrida’,Given the buzz surrounding the unauthorised viral video that has been circling the internet over the past few months, ‘Do It Yourself’ looks set to outshine even ‘Out Of Touch’ which peaked at #7 in late 2004 / early 2005 and stayed in the top 20 for 13 weeks selling over 100,000 copies in the UK alone.The viral video (a definite water cooler discussion topic…“are they really doing it?”…but don’t watch it when the boss is about!) has horrified and delighted in equal measures. It has also inspired the official video, which stars Shipwrecked’s Naomi Millbank-Smith and is directed by Manny Bonett. Stunning Naomi said“The video shoot was a lot of fun and we had a good laugh filming it. I actually can’t cook so it was funny that they asked me to play that part, it is very rare to see me in the kitchen! I love the stuff Uniting Nations have released in the past so fingers crossed they will have massive success with this track too”

The cleverly shot and masterfully edited video has received excellent reaction from music TV execs who are desperate to broadcast the final version. Innuendo always attracts attention and stunning models in videos compounds this, however the inspiration for the track is something altogether less glamorous, as Daz explains:

“I’m rubbish at DIY so I was on the web looking for a DIY tutorial before putting up some shelves. Instead, I found some YouTube footage of Gloria Gaynor performing ‘Do It Yourself’ on a seventies TV show. As soon as I heard those lines ‘If you want it, go out and get it, you gotta do it yourself’, I knew it would be the hook for our comeback single.”

Paul adds about the track;
“I’ve taken a career break from my day job with Strathclyde police to concentrate on making our second album. So far everyone seems to love ‘Do It Yourself’ so I’m optimistic that it will be a hit. I hope so anyway, or I’ll be back on the beat before long.”