Unforgettable New Hip-Hop Hit From ROBSAN

By JJ Disco

American multi-faceted artist Robsan has unveiled his new electric track, Time is Money, putting a fresh spin on traditional Hip-Hop infusing it with a modern and vibrant youthful vibe. Having already amassed over 28,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Robsan is embarking on a transformative journey with this latest release.

“Time is Money is a play on how valuable time is to us. How you spend your time can ultimately cost you, or make everything you’re doing pay off. This song is mainly targeted to be motivational to the listener. I want them to hear it, and get on top of whatever goal it is they want to achieve, despite the odds that may be against them. Although the song is pretty introspective, I feel as if any listener trying to better themselves will totally relate to it.”

With many strings to his bow, Robsan can also be seen on the television show Right This Minute and all across TikTok as a viral sensation. Serving as an inspiration to the masses, Robsan is striving towards making a positive influence on the world stating that he: “will do whatever it takes to make us coexist the way I know we all should.”