‘Unfinished Business’ by Phillips Merchant Band: discovering musical brilliance in lockdown

This epic 8-track album is like a musical journey through the ups and downs of life.
6 September 2023

Phillips Merchant Band is a collective of talented musicians who breathe life into his compositions.

Matthew Pylypiv, the Cleveland, Ohio-based genius behind this fascinating project, is showing us that even though they’re far apart from each other geographically, it’s actually making the project better by bringing in diverse perspectives and emotions.

Olugbenga Adelekan and Fernando Perdomo, initially session musicians, quickly became integral to the project. Their contributions added a layer of magic to the music and special mention must go to July Vitraniuk and Gregory Oleinik, Ukrainian musicians who persevered in their creativity despite the turmoil in their homeland.

Unfinished Business is the fresh, soul-searching album that was created during lockdown by the talented Phillips Merchant Band.

This epic 8-track album is like a musical journey through the ups and downs of life. It’s filled with an array of captivating sounds and meaningful lyrics that will transport you to different emotional landscapes. Unfinished Business is not just your regular album. It’s like a trippy adventure that invites you to hop aboard with Matthew and explore the depths of his mind.

What we got here is a seriously cool collection of tunes, with loads of tracks that really stand out. These are a few that we highly recommend.

Mr. Brown is one heck of a story that tackles race in America head-on. With its gripping plot centered around the legendary John Brown, it’s an absolute electrifying ride.

Landfall gives a nod to Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ era, it’s got these amazing guitar and piano melodies that just work together so well. And the drum groove adds this cool rhythmic complexity to the whole thing.

The album’s title track Unfinished Business envelops the listener in hauntingly-augmented chords, accentuated by an emotively powerful vocal performance by Tomas Baptista, one of the band’s four lead singers.

During the pandemic, when everyone was stuck indoors, Matthew Pylypiv saw it as a chance to really work on his songwriting, music skills and producing. After three years of reflecting, collaborating and growing, he finally released Unfinished Business, which includes contributions from 22 musicians from all around the world.

Matthew Pylypiv‘ love for music goes beyond Phillips Merchant Band. He actively engages in the discourse surrounding AI art, showcasing his pieces at art exhibitions in Cleveland. Through his work, he explores the intriguing realm of AI as a form of human expression, a topic that sparks curiosity and discussion in our rapidly evolving creative landscape.

Despite adversity, Unfinished Business demonstrates that there is a symphony waiting to be created, and Matthew Pylypiv is its conductor.