In the fast-paced world in which we work and play, we expect our Ultrabook, All-in-One, and standard PCs to be instantly “on” and up-to-date with the latest information from the Internet…
Intel has the answer:
Ready to Go When You Are – Intelligent technologies from Intel that make your PC more responsive. A suite of three powerful technologies developed by Intel conserve battery life, deliver speed, and provide fresh Internet content:

Intel Rapid Start Technology
Intel Smart Response Technology
Intel Smart Connect Technology

From zero to go, in seconds: Intel Rapid Start Technology
Intel® Rapid Start Technology1 returns your Ultrabook™ to full operational power within seconds, so you can jump right back into everything you were doing. This ultra-responsive capability gives your device the power to resume in a flash when you’re ready, and ultra-low power consumption when on standby. So you’ll save time and get longer battery life.

Fast-track your favorites: Intel Smart Response Technology
Your Ultrabook™ just got a lot more responsive. Intel® Smart Response Technology2 quickly recognizes and stores your most frequently used files and applications where you can access them right away. You’ll save time and power with faster access to the content you use and love the most.

Always up-to-date: Intel® Smart Connect Technology
With Intel® Smart Connect Technology3 in your Ultrabook™, your email, favorite apps, and social networks are continually and automatically updated even when the system is asleep. No more waiting for the latest world news or friends’ updates to be delivered—just lift the lid and you’re up-to-date and ready to go.
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