UK Songwriter Sophie Kilburn Shares Alt-Indie Banger INDIGO FEVER

Derbyshire-born singer-songwriter Sophie Kilburn is keeping the UK indie flame burning bright. She’s been working and perfecting her craft for a number of years, building the tracks for her upcoming EP My Room Made Public and she’s just shared the debut track Indigo Fever.

Her sound draws influence from some of the greats of the indie and folk scene. Her main source being PJ Harvey, Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Rey and Alt-J. She also leans on elements of pop and blues in her own output and her new single Indigo Fever is a truly unique debut. 

Showcasing an undeniable songwriting talent, it’s an anthemic piece of alt-indie with hints of folk instrumentation. It’s a debut that truly shows Sophie’s passion for musical fusion. 

“The song is me asking how can I feel comfortable in myself, when all I can think about is how people see me? Am I doing what I want or what I think people want me to do? It goes deeper than just wanting to be liked it is the overriding pressure to feel needed. I have been such a perfectionist with the song that I have had to force myself to say “enough Sophie it’s time to let it go!” so here you are.”

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