Songwriter Izzy Frances has placed herself firmly on the radar as one of the most exciting up and coming songwriters in the UK. Since releasing her first single You Lost The War, she’s picked up support from BBC Introducing, Impose Magazine and a number of key Spotify playlists taking her to over 10k streams in her first month. 

For Izzy though, music is just one aspect of the rich tapestry of life – Unlike almost any other artist we’ve come across, Izzy also spends her time working as a Neuroscientist. She’s fascinated by the link between music and the potential psychological benefits. The new single Safety is Izzy at her very best, exploring emotive piano chord progressions with an electronic pop production

Izzy reveals..”Safety is about stripping bare and exposing your soul in order to fully love. We’re often so afraid of failure, ridicule or rejection that we feel a need to hide who we really are and to pretend the darker parts of us don’t exist. But expressing these parts of ourselves should be fanning the flames of real love and strengthening that connection, not dampening it down. No fear, no judgement. ‘Treat our love like a gun…”