By Monibell

American rapper UFO has certainly made an immediate impression. Finding inspiration from what we believe or do not believe is out there beyond this world, UFO channels this energy and has formed a cryptic and hypnotic trip-hop flow that is undeniably potent. Catching a melody and hook is simply not a problem for UFO, and No Passengers is simply brilliant in so many ways. The production backdrop of swirling synths provides the atmosphere and perfect platform for UFO to really showcase his many talents.

The track fuses hip-hop beats with high-energy synths and UFO’s soothing vocals which effortlessly sits on top. With a supreme passion for all parts of the process; writing, recording, and engineering, UFO has now found his own rhythm and people are certainly starting to pay attention. Amassing a large audience across his socials already, they will all be waiting in anticipation for what this truly exciting rapper will deliver next.