U.S Songwriter MATT SIMONS Shares Emotive, Sombre New Single

The L.A artist is now discovering a global audience.

A story of humble beginnings, Matt Simons grew up in Palo Alto as the grandson of two opera singers. He spent his early years, learning every instrument he could get his hands on. It wasn’t long before he was discovering his own, dance-leaning pop sensibilities. 

Soon enough, he found himself putting out releases and promoting his music online when he by chance found an audience in The Netherlands. A sync on a Dutch TV show and a string of tour dates, meant he had the perfect foundation to build a career overseas.  Deepend’s remix of Catch & Release bubbled up organically and ended up on of 2016’s biggest hits, reaching Gold and Platinum status. 

He soon launched a career in the UK, where Radio 1 supported his tracks on their A-List on multiple singles. Looking to 2020, he’s sharing a rare emotive single in the form of Cold. Leaning on elements of electronic music, it’s a percussion strong track with ambient guitar licks. On the new track, Matt Simons states: “People change, and change in any relationship is inevitable. The only question is, can the two people change together and adapt? Cold is about a relationship where they did not...When making this song with Producer Sean Myer and songwriter Ferras, we wanted to blend nostalgia, melancholy and sadness with a mellow, hip-hop inspired track behind it.”