After his recent releases, ‘Someday, I’ll Be With You’ (feat. JNNA) and ‘Ukiyo’, LA based producer and songwriter Casey Chen’s project Tyzo Bloom, brings out another tasty futuristic pop number, with new lushly brooding and Japanese tinged tune, called ‘Closer To You’ featuring JNNA. The track is available as a free download.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Closer To You’, the 25 year-old dreamy beats maker, reveals: “I got really inspired by Bon Iver’s latest album, ’22, A Million’ and messed with vocal manipulation in a different way rather than chopping it up. In the intro, the vocals are actually my vocals pitched up with a shitty radio fx distortion on them to give it an analog feel…

The song itself is about chasing what you want out of life. Whether it is a soul mate or your own ambitions as an artist. Every passionate person is chasing something. In the lyrics it does refer someone in a vague manner but it can symbolized as a human or that “voice/idea” giving you the motivation to keep pushing for what you want.”

ICYMI, here’re the sparkling ‘Someday, I’ll Be With You’ (feat. JNNA) and ‘Ukiyo’ (also available as a free downloads).