Tyrone Relph new album and gig at Spring & Airbrake

Singer/songwriter Tyrone Relph returns with his third solo album “princely ransoms from the paupers address”.

Tyrone Relph and B.I. Records are giving the option of two songs for radio play and download – the first is “The permanent shade of undress” an acoustic track featuring his band and the second is “Achin’ for you” a bluesy piano ballad.

Recorded in his own self built Bunker Studios and produced by Robyn Robins of Bob Segers Silver Bullet Band (who has worked on albums such as Damien Rices’ “O”), the album has a truly raw feel for that of a singer songwriter.

The past 3 years have seen Tyrone open for acts like James Blunt, Hothouse flowers, James Taylor and the Undertones in addition to his own solo tours and those with his band.

Last year Tyrone was asked to record a song for Dublin’s Potential Sessions, a collection of Irelands leading songwriters like Ray Heffernan (the original writer of “Angels”). In July 2007, Tyrone and his London Management team filmed a video for one of his tracks called “Lover I’m Sorry” which stars Kate Groombridge and J.H Moriarty and will be available for download early next year upon release.

B.I. Records proudly present the launch of “princely ransoms from the paupers address” in Belfast’s Spring and Airbrake on Thursday September 13th 2007 at 9pm. Admission is £5 and tickets can be purchased from

  • www.geturticket.com/
  • The album and singles are currently available from the shop at www.tyronerelph.net